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We are VariablePlay (VP) a board game review and discussion website.

Our goal is to promote the board gaming hobby to the family. We talk about new releases, old games and game play experiences. Expect to see stories and commentaries about current and trending games.

It is our vision to build a future where people of all ages are not dependent on technology to enjoy and play. It is our mission to promote games that value learning, creativity and character to families worldwide.

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  1. Hi,

    I am Mon Macutay, owner and founder of http://www.abubot.ph.

    We just launched our online store last week and our dream is to bring the ThinkGeek experience to the Philippines.

    I would like to ask if you can feature our site as a blog post on yours?

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  2. Hello. I wanna ask if you guys do youtube game reviews kasi I am planning po to make youtube videos on tabletop games that show how they play and how they operate medyo parang tabletop show style I just want to ask if you show those kinds of videos? Kasi at the moment I’m planning to create a series that tackle different table top and card games tapos each series is divided into siguro po 3 divisions, A. Rules, Game Contents and Play-ability, B. Gameplay (I will play games with fellow tabletoppers and show viewers the play style and mechanics. C. Our reviews and perspectives on the product. Each series will contain fun and energetic comedic acts din ayun po. Pahingin po ng advice regarding it. Thank you.

    1. Hi Mark,

      We have plans in the future for the video. My main advice for you to get going with your video channel is start out simple. Your genuine love for the hobby will come through the starting rough edges. Release, polish then repeat. Looking forward to seeing your work soon. If you need to connect with us, just message us in our FB page. Thanks!

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