Volunteers Assemble

VariablePlay (VP) helped out at Ludus Gaming Expo last Sunday. The event’s theme was: Family Game Day – very apt, given VP’s drive for boardgame bonding.

10422411_10153113613131593_1261288918353327174_nThe whole day event at Gloirietta 5’s atrium saw families, couples, and barkadas happily rolling dice, exchanging (friendly!) taunts, and learning new ways to have fun. Some the most heart-warming moments involved parents telling us their kids loved the event so much. They encouraged us to make it a regular thing.

We at VP would love to, but behind-the-scenes, it was no easy feat.

Arranging the registration area sign-ups alone was cumbersome. Volunteers had to handle the massive inflow of participants, as well as make sure everyone knew what the game-demo stamps meant. From there, expo-goers were ushered into the retail area, where they drew a reward. A Talks and Forum section catered to more seasoned players, as well as a bigger area devoted to open table gaming and tournaments. Games like Catan, Ticket to Ride, Krosmaster Arena, Parfum, My Little Pony. Spyfall and Splendor were big winners, expanding to several tables due to demand.

11954708_10153113611911593_4871470011975126595_nThis would not have been possible without a concerted effort of everyone involved. From the core organizers to the mall staff, security group, media team, retailers, and especially the volunteers. Some involved were there as early as 9AM, helping the setup. Others took time off busy schedules just to contribute.

To think, the traffic was horrendous that day, lots of people came and before we even noticed we were being pulled left and right. One of the volunteers was running two demo tables for two different games; the others had only potty breaks, eating their food allowances right on the demo tables!

So what fueled the team of volunteers to take on the flood of people with such fervor?

The enjoyment of seeing the reaction of people trying out modern board games for the first time in their life. To give people a glimpse of what else is there, beyond monopoly and chess; give a bunch of friends an excuse to be silly and have fun; give a family a reason to bond more – was totally worth it.

11951815_10153113612426593_5999725404369652452_nSome had to walk home because of the traffic. But all in all, the volunteers went home elated, tired and satisfied. What we did was good and it was great. Quoting one of the volunteers, “I would do it again 11/10!”
In no particular order, I’d like to list down these brave volunteers – my version of a slow clap, head nod, and point towards gratitude, for their efforts.

Yua, Alfonso, Nicholai, Justine, Robert, Cesar, Godwin, Bry, John, Denmarc, Paolo, Donj, Raf, Keo, Lean, JC. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you – Ron. For the others I might have missed, again thank you for helping out.

For now we go back to our playgroups and enjoy the company of our gaming buddies. But should the services of the VariablePlay Volunteer Network be needed in the future, we would be ready.

Written by: Ronald Villaver
Edited by: Reg Tolentino